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Hello All,

This is Brenda H. Fulton. Do you remember me?Picture of Brenda

Anyways, I hope all is well wherever you are now. It’s only been a while since I was with you in the Navy but everything already feels so different. Time is passing by so quickly. Sometimes I wish you all lived just a bus ride away from me. I don’t know why I am missing you this much. But all I care about is that you guys are my true friends. You stood by me every time when things got tough in the service. You gave me confidence to serve to the best of my ability when I felt like quitting. There is no way I can ever forget about any of you.

I really hope that your new life is going on well. Have you settled in your new town already? Well, I hope you are enjoying your life after serving in the Navy. As for me, I am currently living in Glenolden, PA where I am on mental health assignment. I was always telling you that I will settle in this neighborhood when I leave the Navy, and that is exactly what I did. You always told me that you will buy a house or apartment and start a new life. I hope all your dreams finally came true.

By the way I am a mother now. I have a bouncing baby boy whom I love very much. I never knew that I would love motherhood the way I do. I am now living with my boyfriend Mike who is the father of my child. You must remember him because I used to you tell you many things about him when we were still in the Navy. He is really a nice man. He treats me very well, and we are planning to wed really soon. I surely will invite you.

I hope you are enjoying life, because that is what we promised each other that we will do when we finish our service in the Navy. If you have any recent photos, I would really love to see them.

I would really love for us to meet some time soon. I turned 27 years old on June 20 this year, and I am hoping that you will be available to help me usher in my 28th birthday next year. By then my boy will have grown so big. He will probably be walking by that time. His name is Richard Junior by the way. I named him after my father.

Nowadays I drive a 2015 Nissan Murano, which was a gift from my boyfriend Mike for my 27th birthday. After welcoming Richard into my life, my weight shot to 201.5 pounds. I am currently on a fitness program to try and cut it and get back my lean figure. My favorite color is still green, for the love of nature. And my height is still 5’3”.

Again, I hope all is well with you my friend. If you ever need anything, just let me know. Just fill out the form below, I would love to hear everything about how you are faring on.

Much Love


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