Focus Vitamins Make Better Grades

Studies conducted on the most effective methods of aiding ADHD diagnosed children succeed in school stress the importance of introducing vitamins as well as supplements to help them concentrate in class.

Mindy, a stay at home mom, attests to the efficacy of focus vitamins for the control of Her 9-year-old son’s inability to sit still and pay attention for long periods of time.

When her son was first diagnosed, she opted to use prescription stimulant medications. At first, the drugs effectively controlled the symptoms associated with her son’s ADHD but brought on some side-effects Mindy felt outweighed any advantages the medications brought on. For instance, Liam’s appetite was affected as it decreased rapidly over a few days. He, later on, developed sleeping problems and became increasingly moody and irritable. After consulting a few friends and doing some research, she decided to start giving Liam focus vitamins on a daily basis.

Since then, Mindy has been tackling her son’s condition over the past two years by ensuring that Liam sticks to a strict diet that is gluten and sugar-free, and by ensuring that he takes his focus vitamins supplement at least twice a day.

His teachers had initially reported that he exhibited an inability to pay attention, focus, and sit still in class. As a result, he had begun to bring home enormous amounts of homework back home, had been placed in a Special Ed math program and was reading at a low level. However, within 6 weeks of using focus vitamins supplements, his teacher reported that he was sitting through most of his day and almost never getting up at inappropriate times. He was also finishing his homework in his after school program rather than bringing it all home like he was before. Liam was also taken out of his extra help/Special Ed math program and was finally moved back in with the rest of the class. He also moved up a reading level.

These astounding results were not only beneficial to her son’s academic success but were also beneficial to her as a parent. Parents of children diagnosed with ADHD/ADD tend to have very little private time because caring for their children requires extra effort. Like most parents, Mindy had a hard time accepting that her son required medicine for his anxious/inattentive behaviour. Starting off with prescription medication for his condition in her opinion worked only up to some point because the side effects that the medication brought on were too server and unpleasant. Furthermore, Liam did not like taking the prescription medication and would frequently skip a dose as a result.

However, focus vitamins have helped Liam stay calm and in control of his ADHD symptomatic impulsive behaviour over the last two years and is finally functioning socially. He has since made some friends and can concentrate on school related tasks. Moreover, Mindy has not had a hard time getting him to take his daily doses because he does not mind the taste of the chewable supplements. He also likes the calm effect the supplement has on him. He reported that compared to is previous prescription medication, focus vitamins did not make him feel like life was dull and bleak.